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Turning to the left
Turning to the right
Amid the crowd under the pressure no one catches my sight
No one no one caught my sight
Cuz they’re happened to be blind
So I guess –no words to spare I’m running out in silent night
Headed straight –no back
Headed straight ahead
Think it’s no more a trick
Six- I need a break
Blazing from above
Groaning from the earth
I try to act as I don’t care and hide somewhere from both

Emo emo razor
Emo emo razor
Emo emo razor
(Verse 2)
Are you puzzled –nope
Are you puzzled- nope
Think there is some hope
Faint but very soft
Sparkle in the eye, sparkle in the eye
Teardrop sing, sonorous song it’s gorgeous though it’s a cry
Now it can be black but other moment is turning white I know
Zebrian life is as it is and everybody finds his right
I’m just endeavor to forget the moody tunes of yesterday
Silent take out crumpled cigarette and throwing the box away

Emo emo razor
Emo emo razor
Emo emo razor

If your brain is liquid
If your brain is liquid
Please do buy the razor as if it’s something that can save you
If your brain is liquid Though it doesn’t change ït

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Mileyalexiah2o 1 martie 2010  
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